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The Onion Skin Journal

The Whiskey Rollerball Pen

The Whiskey Rollerball Pen

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This made in America one of a kind hand-crafted rollerball pen is great for long time pen lovers, or newbies that are just wanting to get into it!

Featuring re-purposed Kentucky Bourbon Barrels that were made of white oak trees, these pens are like holding a unique piece of American history in your hands. When the pen maker turns them in his wood shop, he says it gets filled with the fragrance of bourbon. Each pen features a piece the char section of the barrel in the pen. Paired with stainless steel hardware, there is a nice solid feel to this pen, while keeping it slightly lighter than our brass fountain pen (also available in the shop). 

These rollerball pens are created by a grandfather and grandson duo Jim Cantrell and Ryan Jones in their old barn woodshed in the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky. 

A great compliment to any of your Onion Skin Journals, which FAMOUSLY take rollerball pens very well! 




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