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Dreamcatcher Small

Dreamcatcher Small

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Our smallest dreamcatcher size is perfect for the little ones, a gift or a special little niche in your nest. They are wrapped in french leather with lengthy hand-cut fringe.
The inner web is woven by hand with the intention of capturing all of the bad dreams while allowing the good ones to pass through the centre. The web is representative of Natures' ultimate connection that links all beings. The frame is adorned with a with a sparkling cut, Clear Quartz crystal with a point at each end called bi-terminated. It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy
The crystal is wrapped in a snug leather support.

Bulletproof Aura Dream Catchers are handcrafted by Maui born artist Callie Mahoney. She now lives in Paris, France where she creates her dreamcatchers, leather work & ceremonial objects using exceptional quality leather and natural materials. 

Her craft was gifted to her through friends and she continue to evolve her techniques with her personal style. 

Dimensions: Approx. 21 cm w x 60 cm l



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