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Kai's Groove

Tropical Twist by Kai's Groove

Tropical Twist by Kai's Groove

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Tropical Twist

A unique blend of essential oils that will transport you to the tropics with its exotic and refreshing scent. Our blend of organic fractionated coconut oil, mango essential oil, and orange essential oil is carefully crafted to evoke the feeling of a tropical paradise.

To use, simply roll Tropical Twist onto your desired area of the body. The combination of mango and orange will envelop you in a sweet and fruity aroma that will remind you of a tropical vacation.

Additionally, this product contains an essence of lily floral, which adds a delicate and fresh note to the blend, making the scent even more alluring.

Experience the lush, tropical paradise with every spritz of Tropical Twist. This eau de parfume is perfect for those who want to smell and feel like they're on a tropical vacation every day.

Available in 10ml or 1.7oz



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