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Palm Server Set

Palm Server Set

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Experience the perfect blend of functionality and design with the Marlin Palm Salad Server Set. This elegant pair, featuring a handy hook to rest on your salad bowl, brings convenience and style to every meal. The fusion of durable stainless steel and rich brass, handcrafted by our artisans in India, adds a touch of sustainable luxury to your tableware collection.

The Marlin Palm Salad Server Set is food safe and designed for those who cherish unique, ethically made home accessories. The palm-inspired design at the handle's end brings a tropical vibe to your dining ensemble, making every salad serving a mini getaway. To keep these servers in pristine condition, hand washing is recommended.

Ideal for everyday use or special occasions, this server set ensures your salads are always served with a flair that's as refreshing as the greens on your plate. The Marlin Palm Salad Server Set is more than just utensils; they are a commitment to handcrafted excellence and Doing Goods' dedication to creating products with heart.



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