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Hibiscus Knob

Hibiscus Knob

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Transform your home with a flourish of floral elegance using the Hailey Hibiscus Knob, a charming addition to our brass knobs collection. This oversized flower knob makes a bold statement, suitable not only for dressers and cabinets but also as a distinctive door handle. Handcrafted with precision, our artisans in India have captured the essence of the hibiscus flower in durable brass, creating a piece that blends artistry with functionality.

The entire knob, including the bolt, is fashioned from brass, offering a more refined and delicate touch than traditional iron hardware. We advise handling with care, especially when tightening, to preserve its intricate design and structure. The bolt, measuring 3-5 centimeters, can be customized by trimming it to your desired length, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of furniture styles and door thicknesses.

The Hailey Hibiscus Knob extends beyond conventional use; it can adorn your walls as an exquisite jewelry hanger. For wall installation, simply prepare the hole and tighten gently to secure the knob.



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