Suspender Pants
Suspender Pants
Suspender Pants

Suspender Pants

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Nothing makes you feel more ready for anything than a good pair of overalls. In french they go by salopette..but whatever you want to call them this pair is just the right fit. 

Woad is one of the most ancient dying ingredients.

Cocagne is the woad leaves that gives the dye this noble colour and is used in ancestral dyeing techniques that come originate from around the city of Amiens from around the 11th century. 

Color: Natural Woad Blue

Composition: 100% Linen of European Origin

Fabric: Linen Canvas Perfect for the Mid Season & Summer

This product has been hand dyed with natural woad.

Potential color variations from one item to the other is due to the artisanal process.

Linen is a natural and noble fabric. Its culture has a low environmental impact. It provides comfort all year round.

Machine washed at 30° and light tumble dry for a soft touch.